Joseph has directed everything from commercials, music videos, shorts movies and feature films.


A long with traditional art work on canvas, Joseph has begun to explore the world of customization. He is currently customizing clothing and accessories with one of a kind designs and his signature style of art.


Joseph has written two books "To Live And Die In Bed-Stuy," "Bottom Bitch." he has also written a book of short stories that he will be releasing soon, In the near future he will turn both books into screenplays.

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The “I AM AN ARTIST” Campaign is an affirmation and declaration to everyone that has ever struggled with being creative. It was developed to instill pride in being your creative self, openly, freely and apologetically. It was designed for people that have creative love ones to support, understand and embrace them unconditionally.

The ‘I AM AN ARTIST” campaign challenges everyone to embrace art and its creators. The logo states that "I am an artist," but it also reads, "I love artist" at the same time. These few simple words can make a huge difference in the life of someone trying to find their way in a world that sees them as different.

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